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-= A Latent Einstein Outreach Ministry by Phineas Narco of the Church of the Subgenius =-

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A five-hour pre-show culminating in a program not heard for years, and heretofore un-released, this is the original 3-hour webcast mix of 'Super Conscious Santa'. Includes work by Future Shock, The Wurzels, Elvis. With mashups, parodies, obscure novelty songs, remixes and collages by NCN, The Value Village People, The Craniel Fishers, mashups by Voicedude, songs by Phineas, spoken word by Alex Jones and David Icke, many many others!

This WEEK on Plundercast
The National Cynical Network Presents:

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Super Conscious Santa


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We are also on DFM for the Sunday Show 10pm - 1am (EASTERN U.S. time) only.

Join us on the server on IRC in the #plundercast channel to chat.


Sun. December 23rd, 2018
at 10pm EASTERN (US)

Pre-show will start around 5pm EASTERN

​Join us for 8 full hours of cynical Xmas programming

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