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From noon until midnight (PACIFIC) we will be on with a special NCN Easter-oriented programming marathon for the rest of us.

This WEEK on Plundercast
The National Cynical Network Presents:


Bunny wearing Alien face hugger in front of exploded egg

NCN Alternative Easter Day Marathon Special

With work by Negativland, Don Joyce and Richard Lyons, Susie the Floozie's "Bob"'s Slacktime Funhouse and The Lymph Node Institute, JC Clone, Dan Crall, The National Hardwood Floor Association, I Cut People, PoP dEFECT RADIO, The Evolution Control Committee and many, many more.

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We are also on DFM out of Amsterdam for the 7pm - 10pm PACIFIC portion only.

Join us on the server on IRC in the #plundercast channel to chat.


Sun. April 21st, 2019
from 12pm to Midnight PACIFIC (US)

Join us for a full 12 hours of Cynical Easter programming

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