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-= A Latent Einstein Outreach Ministry by Phineas Narco of the Church of the Subgenius =-

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Join us New Year's Eve (December 31st, 2019) ALL DAY LONG as we present a 24 hour marathon of the BEST in NCN programming for the past 10 years! Featuring the work of NCN, Phineas Narco, Supercut, Puzzling Evidence, Hal Robins, Philo Drummond, Big City Orchestra, Univac, TradeMark Gunderson of The Evolution Control Committee, Negativland, Don Joyce, Mark Hosler, Richard Lyons, Jon Leidecker (Wobbly), Ronald Redball, Alexander T. Newport, Alan Watts, JC Clone, Longmont Potion Castle, Richard Lindsay, KROB, Bishop Joey, Vince Ewing, Vic Berger, Randy Rainbow, Warbear, The Jerky Boys, Rev. Xister, The Kleptones, Pimpdaddysupreme, The Church of the SubGenius, Steinski and the Mass Media, countless others!

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The "Best" of NCN (2010-2019) Decade End 24hr. Special!

Feel free to tune in anytime New Year's Eve, Dec. 31st, 2019 (Tuesday).

This program will be played only one and will not be archived.

In which we play the best of our programming from the past decade. All day New Year's Eve. Playing from midnight to midnight (PACIFIC TIME). Enjoy!

Join us anytime New Year's Eve for our 24-hour marathon: All-day programming for the end of the 2010's only on The National Cynical Network. 

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Join us on the server on IRC in the #plundercast channel to chat.


Tue. December 31st, 2019
All Day and All Night from Midnight to Midnight PACIFIC (US)

Join us for a full 24 full hours of Cynical New Year's Eve programming!


If you want to help support the work and expense behind our latent Einstein outreach ministry which we put on in association with The Church of the SubGenius, you can make a donation through or become a patron for as little as $1 per month at Thank you for your support.

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